Jurgen Klopp Wants to Coach Germany National Team, Leaving Liverpool Behind??

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Winning European Champions League and finishing at the second place in BPL last season has made Jurgen Klopp one of the best football managers to date. Bayern Munich and Real Madrid seem to have a certain interest to have his service as a manager.  But does Klopp has any interest to leave Liverpool is a big question?

Liverpool has been on the struggle to back on track as one of the most feared clubs in England since 1990. Numerous managers had come and gone along the period and no one withstands the pressure except for Jurgen Klopp. He is a fans’ favorite and the reason why is clear as a day. Being able to bring a European trophy to Liverpool cannot be done if the man has no competence.

Liverpool management team has been willing to extend his contract even though there’s a rumor that Klopp and the team could part away. The manager currently earnings £7m a year as a manager for Liverpool.

Klopp agent has a certain comment on where Klopp could decide his future. Cited from Eurosport.com, the man said:

“Jurgen himself once said that in the event that Joachim Low someday no longer wants to be the national coach and it would be possible for him do that, this is an option for him,” Marc Kosicke told Welt.

“Liverpool would even like to extend [his current contract].

“He felt again at the recent celebrations [after winning the Champions League] what a great club Liverpool is and that he is in the right place at the right time.

“Jurgen is currently not affordable. But it is difficult to measure the transfer fee in his case anyway.

“How is this going to work for a coach who has increased the club’s value from nearly £900 million to just under £2.8 billion? That is not how it works.”

One thing is certain that Klopp’s net worth as a manager has significantly raised. The man has proven himself as a capable manager, so those who want his service should be able to meet the terms.


Image Credit to: Thomas Rodenbücher (flickr)