Cristiano Ronaldo, a Legacy of Blood, Sweat, and Struggle

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There’s no doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best football player in the world, if not the best, but how exactly he got there? It is so eminently observed that the man is blessed with talents. Is talent the most important factor in building his legacy and supremacy? But, what is talent without determination? As Edison said, talent is 1 inspiration and 99 perspiration and that’s exactly what he brings into the table to build his legacy tons of hard work along with piercing determination.


Relentless Training to Reach The Perfection

Practice makes perfect, but how much practice do you need to attain perfection? How much that you willingly sacrifice to reach your goal? In order to be in his position right now, Ronaldo has given up a lot. He sacrifices his time, energy, and personal amusement to get what he has right now.

As mentioned by Carlos Tevez, Ronaldo’s former teammate in Manchester United, Ronaldo is a dedicated player in the training ground. As quoted by Tevez said that:

‘Cristiano always stopped in the gym after training: for him, it is an obsession and, being the best in everything, he always arrived at work early,’

‘When the training was set for nine in the morning I arrived at eight and he was already there. Even if I arrived at 7.30 he was already there.

‘I began to ask myself, “How can I get rid of this guy?” So one day I arrived at 6 but he was already there! Sleepy, but he was there.’

The statement from Tevez shows how dedicated Ronaldo is in improving his skill. He arrives not one or two hours but even three hours earlier than the schedule. He begins the training earlier than his teammates which means he has a lot more time to work on the skill that he wants to improve compared to the others.

Moreover, Ronaldo hits the gym after the training to sustain his physical condition to help him in the longer run. Many players have raised to the level of superstar, but most of them fail to maintain consistency after a couple of years. On the other hand, you can still witness Ronaldo’s excellent performance up to this point on his career because he is willing to take a strict diet and exercise to keep his body in its best condition.

Video source: Unisport Youtube Channel

Fierce Determination and Desire to Win

No matter how good you are, you are going to fail or more precisely, you are going to fail a lot before you are being good. This saying is certainly true, no matter where are you coming from or how blessed you are with talent, intelligence, or resources you are going to taste the bitterness of defeat before you could grasp the beauty of triumph. This thing is also applied for Ronaldo.

As cited by biography com, Ronaldo early life was shaped by hardship and his father had a problem with alcohol. Despite the hardship, Ronaldo never submits to it and rise as one of the best footballers of all time.

His determination to always win reflected clearly in what Patrice Evra, his former teammate in Manchester United, said in an interview. As cited from Evra said

‘With Rio Ferdinand, they were playing table tennis and Rio beat him, and we were all screaming and Ronaldo was so upset,’ Evra said.

‘Then he sent his cousin to buy a tennis table, he trained for two weeks at home and he came back and he beat Rio in front of everyone.

‘So that’s Cristiano Ronaldo, so that’s why I’m not surprised today why he wants to win another golden ball, why he wants to win the World Cup. Because he’s an angry man.’

The statement shows how much determination that Ronaldo has to always win even in a seemingly silly competition. The man is relentless, he will try his best to win.

We could learn a very valuable lesson from this man that greatness is not given to you through privilege, you should earn it. What we see as a person blessed with incredible talent is working hard through his life and keep getting up from numerous defeat to earn that incredible talent.